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We are a traditional family resort located on Rush Lake, in an area of west-central Minnesota known as Lakes Country.  We offer cabins and RV campsites during the summer, and our condos are available year round.  Many guests have been coming to the same cabin, the same week each year, for decades.

Owning a resort has always been a dream of ours and in February of 2020 we took the plunge.  We're originally from Moorhead and have spent many summers in Lakes Country.  We're all settled in and together with our children we'll be operating the resort day-to-day.  Our main goal for this season is simple, get to know you.  The rates will remain unchanged in 2020 and we plan to operate much like the Jeltemas did.  In fact, they'll be around occasionally to help with a smooth transition.

We look forward to meeting you and serving you for years to come!


Shady Grove Resort is about you more than it is about us.  We cherish the guests who visit each summer and the memories made together.  To have your photo added, please visit our Facebook page and look for our Weekly Photo Contest.


Shady Grove Resort

35686 Rush Lake Loop

Ottertail, MN 56573

(218) 346-6040

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